My publisher. Tamar Brazis, Melody Meyer
RVCA made the tour and art possible. A truely generous company who truely believe in art and it's place in our culture. Pat Tenore, Liz Rice, Casey, Conan Hayes, Boyd, Jimmy A.
Eladio Correa, Susanne Daushbauer, Justin Regan, Ashton Maxfield, Brenda Springer, Saecha Clarke
Eli Bonerz, Hayden, Andrew
Robin, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Leo Romero, Andrew Reynolds,
Iris Alonzo, Dov Charney, Benno Russell, Carolina, Mathew Swensen, Austin Calhoon
Shaney Jo
Snoopy, Mom & Dad, Paul, Cathey, Danny, Daniel, Jessica, Christian, Heather, Grandma, Paul Costuros, Mike Costuros, Jenn Fried, Bud Rambo, Debbie, Marissa, Christa, Dougie, Arthur, Geez, Let me look at my cellphone. All the people in my cell phone and on my email list. Aunt Karen, Jonathan, they keep coming. You.